No Stress About Tests Poster for Kids

Are standardized tests or end-of-year testing coming soon? Tests can bring anxiety, stress, and self-esteem issues. Let’s help our kids know that they are MORE than a test score. Let’s encourage them and support them so they can truly have a growth mindset!

Our No Stress About Tests poster is a simple and colorful way to remind our kids that they are resilient, kind, and courageous. Use this poster at home or in a classroom to boost self-esteem.

The No Stress About Tests poster is part of the Confident & Self-Esteem Kit

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About Big Life Journal
When kids become stuck in negative self-talk or can’t push through their fear of failure, it’s hard to know how to help them. At Big Life Journal, we create engaging resources that help kids develop a resilient growth mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence.

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