Newborn Baby Tips for Dads – Part 1

In this video I share newborn baby tips for dads and moms! This is Part 1 of two videos sharing some personal tips on adjusting after a newborn baby. This video is helpful for dads who want to be helpful to their partners, adjust to having a baby, and learn how to be confident dads, husbands, and boyfriends.

I’ll cover things like: How to deal with people doing things you don’t want done to your baby? How to deal with lack of sleep? How to deal with getting annoyed with your partner?

In Part 2, I’ll cover things like: How to prevent jealousy between kids and newborn? How to adjust to your newborn baby? How to get more breast milk going and what teas women can take?

Mother’s Milk herbal tea:
Postpartum/Afterbirth Bath Sitz (herbal bath):

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