New Series: Parenting Anxious Kids | Ep. #1 How to spot anxiety in kids and teens

Welcome to my new 10-part series, Parenting Anxious Kids. In this first episode I talk about how to spot anxiety in kids and teens.

This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the guidance of a qualified professional.

Each episode will come out every other Tuesday. There are ten episodes in this series. We get into more complex themes and skills as the series continues. Hit subscribe and notifications so you don’t miss an episode.

This series was made in collaboration with the Made of Millions Foundation. The Made of Millions foundation is a global advocacy nonprofit on a mission to change how the world perceives mental health. Using the power of art, media and digital technology, we’re on a mission to transform how the world perceives mental health. And in doing so, create a safer and more inclusive future for sufferers everywhere.

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