Narcissistic Devaluing (What to Be Aware Of)

NARCISSISTIC DEVALUATION: WHAT TO BEWARE OF// Are you feeling devalued in your relationship? If so, you might be in one of the 3 phases of a narcissistic relationship- the devaluation stage. Whether you are in a relationship with a covert, grandiose, or malignant narcissist, you will always enter the devaluing stage at some point. You will likely find yourself in this stage over and over. Narcissists always use devalue tactics in addition to love bombing and discarding as a means of maintaining control in the relationship. This is Part 2 of a 3 part series on the stages of a narcissistic relationship. Watch this video to find out what devaluing looks like, specific examples of narcissists devaluing someone, and if you have been wrapped up in a narcissistic relationship pattern.
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