My ADD / ADHD Cure & Natural Treatment | Attention Deficit Disorder | How I Learned How to Focus

My ADD / ADHD Cure & Natural Treatment | Attention Deficit Disorder | How to Focus & Improve Memory
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How’s it going? This is Luis Angel, your memory coach with AE Mind!

As I was going through my journey of discovering how to fix my memory problems, I discovered that I needed to first cure my inability to focus on the tasks at hand. My mind would always wander off and this led me to being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder ( ADD/ADHD ). The doctors and psychologist gave me amphetamine-based drugs such as Adderall and also methylphenidate based drugs such as Ritalin. These have a similar chemical composition as methamphetamine which is speed. I didn’t like taking that, so I sought out a natural fix for my focus, attention, and concentration problems.

Here are the three things that I started to Focus on:

1. Diet – Health. I started to put more water based and natural foods into my body. Fruits and Vegetables became a staple to my wellbeing. I started to eat more berries which are rich in antioxidants, flax seed oil which has omega 3 fatty acids and support optimal brain function, and bananas which have potassium and supports better neuron brain cell communication.

2. Meditation. I started to practice clear mind and present mind meditation. This helped me to stay focused for longer periods of time outside of my meditation sessions.

3. Memory training. Incorporating a regular routine to practice memory boosting and brain enhancing activities such as memorizing cards and long numbers helped me to improve my ability to focus and concentrate.

Let me know what are some of the strategies that you impose to help you naturally stay focused and how to cope with add or if you have any home remedies for add

I’ll see you on the Next Video!

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Stay Up!
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-Luis Angel Echeverria
Your AE Mind Memory Coach
Memory Master Champion

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– 1st Ever SUPERHUMAN on FOX Champion
– Member of Team USA at the World Memory Championship
– 2nd Overall: Australian Memory Championship 2015
(2 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze Positions in 10 Events)
– Memorized Deck of Cards: 2 Minutes; 120 Digit Number: 5 Minutes
– Coach of AE Mind Memory Team: Gold in Numbers USA Memory Championship
– Author: #1 International Bestseller, Better Memory Now ( ) and How to Remember Names and Faces ( )

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