#Mission300 9/300 Parents , Children and Exam Stress || How Parents can help children during exams

In this video I have described how parents can help themselves and their kids to be stress free and improve exam performance.
I have discussed about 3 main things

1. Pressure/Motivation by Parents
2. Support by Parents
3. Study techniques to help in Exams

इस वीडियो में मैंने इस बात पर चर्चा की है कि अभिभावक/पेरेंट्स कैसे बच्चों की परीक्षाओं के समय उनका तनाव कम कर सकते हैं और खुद भी तनाव से दूर रह सकते हैं।।

मैंने इसमें 3 खास बातों पर बात की है

1. अभिभावक एवम बच्चों में परीक्षा का तनाव
2. अभिभावकों का बच्चों का साथ एवम सहारा
3. बच्चों को परीक्षा में कैसे पढ़ना चाहिए

This is 9th of 300 videos planned for year 2020 by me.

Please subscribe my channel for getting information, share the videos whichever you like , send me queries on issues you need information and give your valuable feedback and suggestions.

I will be covering various issues in these 300 videos as listed down

#Adolescent issues
#Newborn Care
#Stress Management esp students
#Suicide Prevention
#Study Techniques
#Entrance Exams without Stress
#Exams Without Stress
#Positive Parenting
#Emotional Intelligence

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