Mind Melder's Podcast Ep. 7 – Ranking our reform issues, parental sacrifice, Spotify's shift to vids

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Timeline by Nathan:
00:00:08 Show start
00:01:19 A new weekly segment? The host’s biggest wins and losses for the week
00:04:54 Phones and the increasing quality of phone cameras
00:10:10 Justin’s new role as a research assistant investigating resiliency among care deliverers and other post-undergrad dicussion
00:15:13 Nathan’s continuing efforts towards weight loss and how breakfast is a scam
00:21:18 Saving money and the stress around buying a new car
00:22:59 How advanced skills are priced in the free market the impact of automation on that pricing
00:28:11 Justin’s working experience in McDonald’s has ruined his appetite for fast food and other retail job stories
00:31:27 Would the hosts trust their kids to “go out and play” all day without supervision?
00:36:24 Parental sacrifice
00:39:44 Can electric golf carts be the next vehicle of the future?
00:45:59 A bird flies into Justin’s window
00:46:33 The hosts circle back to ranking their top reform issues from a week ago. The hosts give their perspectives on why they chose their rankings
00:58:24 Renewable energies and sustainable food sources
01:04:04 Erik’s hope to publish a high quality academic paper in the near future
01:05:56 A return to sustainability and the efforts of Boyan Slat, the founder of the Ocean Cleanup Project
01:08:33 The host’s opinions on the Joe Rogan Experience and his tremendous skills as an interviewer
01:10:13 Spotify’s position in the media market; will it compete with Youtube?
01:14:25 Twitch’s position in the marketplace and its future as a streaming platform
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