Make Conscious Parenting Work in Your Home & the Unexpected Consequences of Rewards & Punishment

Are you ready to give-up one-size-fits-all discipline and discover how to help YOUR kids?


1:30 – How to make conscious parenting work in your home.
2:40 – Screen-time and teenagers.
9:00 – How to know what you need in the moment – and express it.
12:15 – Increase your influence by changing these TWO things.
13:15 – Make sure you’ve done THIS before you address behavior.
14:30 – The unexpected consequences of rewards & punishment.
17:15 – Tweens with attitude who talk back – and what they’re really saying.
19:45 – WHEN to have conversations about their behavior.
24:45 – Helping kids identify their needs.
27:20 – Kids who don’t listen and what to do about it.

(The video is not high-quality (thanks, Zoom) but the content still is :))

The #ConsciousCommunication cards help us not only curb unwanted behavior, but they also show children how to be thoughtful and self-regulated problem-solvers.

Want to Go from Chaos to Cooperation in 10 Days?

Lori Petro I TEACH through Love
Speaker / Parent Educator / Child Advocate

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