LoveParenting: 10 Ways to Promote Your Child's Body Autonomy & Cultivate Healthy Physical Boundaries

Every time we… Tickle our kids into a state of panicked giggles but think ‘they’re loving it’! Pick our baby up like a sack of potatoes, without communicating – human style – what we’re about to do.
Grab at our child’s face with a tissue, quickly! Before they can react! Bribe our kid to give Uncle Bernard a hug, even if he does smell like carpets. Hold the spoon full of creamed-broccoli to our child’s pursed lips and push, just a little.

… we might be sending our kids the message they’re not “in charge of their bodies”.

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Do all of us do these kinds of things from time to time when raising young children? Of course. But could we become a hellovalot more conscious about how we treat the youngest members of our society? Youbetcha.

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10 Ways to Promote Your Child’s Body Autonomy & Cultivate Healthy Boundaries:

1. Offer Physical Touch Unconditionally (1:00)
2. Receive Physical Touch Unconditionally (1:43)
3. Do not Tickle or Rough House without Consent (2:30)
4. Give Your Child a Voice (3:26)
5. Use Real Language for Body Parts (4:20)
6. Don’t Shame Your Children for Self Exploration (5:18)
7. Teach Children About “Tricky People” (6:11)
8. Don’t Allow Others to Demand Physical Affection (7:08)
9. Do Not Force Feed (8:50)
10. Use Your Body to Set Limits Physically (9:37)

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