Let's talk about coping with a therapist….

1. Connect with nature. Whether you can get outside or simply crack a window and just listen to the sounds and feel the air on your skin. If you can get outside, do so. This can help support our mind to shift from focusing on a more contracted perspective to a more spacious perspective.

2. Ask yourself how you can meet yourself with kindness in this moment. It can help to imagine what you might say to a friend if they were feeling how you are feeling. Dr. Kristin Neff offers free guided mediations for self-compassion at

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3. Ask for help. If you are having a difficult time right now, you are not alone. If you feel you need help from a professional reach out to a therapist or your doctor/insurance provider for a list of resources. There are many places that offer sliding scale and even pro-bono support.
Psychologytoday.com offers therapists all over the US.

4. DeborahEdenTull.com offers free meditation and teachings every Tuesday and Thursday. It is a wonderful resource.

5. For those interested in looking more deeply at their relationship to racism and healing please check out Ruth King at RuthKing.net

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