Let's Get Cooking CompilationㅣNursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

The Badanamu friends are getting hungry! So let’s help them get ready for lunch. Grab your chef’s hat or spatula and let’s get cooking!

Tracks included:
1. Cooking in the Kitchen 0:09
2. Bada’s Food Patrol 2:12
3. Let’s Play Hide and Seek 4:16
4. This Little Piggy 6:06
5. Do a Silly Dance 7:42
6. Fun Run 10:19
7. Fly Like a ButterFly 12:20
8. Bada’s Fruits and Vegatables 15:12
9. Little Boy Blue 17:18
10. I Don’t Scare Easily 18:43
11. First Aid Friends 21:02
12. Turn it Up, Let’s Dance 23:36
13. Community Helpers 26:01:00
14. All Four Seasons 28:08:00
15. Missing a Tooth 30:38:00
16. Bring on the Snow 32:42:00
17. Earthquakes 34:20:00
18. Let’s Fly 36:21:00
19. Hop Pop Stop 38:34:00
20. I Got Boots 40:13:00
21. Dino Bus 42:12:00
22. Rise and Shine 44:17:00
23. TIny Little Seed 45:59:00
24. Muffin Man 48:32:00
25. Bananas 50:04:00

About Badanamu:
Badanamu started with an idea to change the world of early learning. Young children can learn and engage with ESL, phonics, and STEM lessons through our educational songs and nursery rhymes.

We create high-quality, educational songs for you and your kids to enjoy together. Learn about animals, colors, numbers, and much more! It’s time to embark on a playful adventure full of love and discovery with the cute and adorable Badanamu friends.

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