Kognito – Calm Parents, Healthy Kids (Intro)

Early childhood is a critical developmental period, during which strong parent-child bonds can have a major impact on lifelong health and well-being. Yet, parenting at this time can be incredibly challenging—young children are still learning to follow directions, be patient and wait their turn, manage their emotions, and understand the adults in their lives. It takes practice to develop the patience and calm to manage stressful parenting situations, which is key to healthy social and emotional development in childhood.

In this simulation, you will play the role of the parent and learn how to be responsive to your child in a calm and loving way during a series of common situations for parents of 2-5 year olds. These scenarios include managing your child’s behavior on the playground, in the supermarket, while you’re on the phone, and when you need to leave home on time.

Learn more at: www.conversationsforhealth.com

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