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Transcript :
IVF can be a Blessing !

Being infertile can be stressful, and so can going through IVF treatment .

However, there is always a silver lining to every cloud, and we need to remember that going through IVF can be a blessing as well !

Thus, we know that IVF patients become better parents than ordinary parents. This is hardly surprising, given the fact that you’ve worked so hard in order to get a baby ! You don’t take your baby for granted, unlike most other parents, and spend much more time and energy on parenting, simply because you realize how precious children can be. You are grateful that you have them, and treat them as a blessing. IVF children actually have a head start in life !

And it’s not just that IVF patients make better parents – they make better spouses too ! If you have the maturity to withstand the stress of an IVF cycle, your marriage is going to be much stronger than an ordinary marriage.

Finally, IVF helps you become a better person, irrespective of whether your IVF cycle fails or succeeds, because it teaches you to cope with adversity, and teaches you how to manage your emotions. Going through suffering helps you become more empathetic , and a better human, who is more willing to help others !

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