ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D (FLASHING LIGHTS!!!) (swearing) (read description for vent, if you want.)

This video is mostly for my sad excuse for a mother.

I was pretty much abused by my mom for my whole entire life. The past couple years have only been mental abuse. It used to be physical. I had anxiety around other people for a while, and wanted to stay in my room all the time, away from my mom. Ever since the coronavirus, it’s gotten so bad that my brother is literally getting therapy for depression. So my dad finally freaking did something about it, and we drove away from home. We’re currently in a hotel, and it is so amazing to be free of my mom, and more near my supportive family. My mom is getting help for her mental problems. I never have to see her again, and my dad is going to buy her a home where she will live far away from us. Now I’m not worried of coming out to being lesbian. Idek what my gender is anymore, tbh, but I was born a girl, so that’s what everyone irl calls me, and I’m ok with that. My two brothers and dad support the LGBTQ+ community a lot. I’m pretty confident the rest of my family will be supportive to me as well. I’m a lot more confident now, and I don’t have anxiety anymore. There are times when my mom is mentioned that I get nervous around people, but other than that, this has been the greatest week of my life. Everything is changing for the better. My brother is doing great, and will come home from therapy on Tuesday. I can’t wait to have him back. My dad seems a lot less stressed, because he just sold his business, so we have enough money without him needing to work anymore. My mom was also an insanely religious person. I’m definitely sure she loves watching mass every single day all day, and she ignores her own family. That’s always been a problem, because she would be praying rosaries and doing stuff related to religion instead of parenting her own children. Luckily, I will never have to see her again. I am not sad I won’t have a mom, I’m incredibly happy that I will never see her again! I’m way better off without her in my life. I’m constantly trying to impress her, a horrible mother who just shuts out the world and treats me like absolute trash. I’m having a great birthday so far, and the hotel we’re staying at is absolutely amazing. I love where I’m headed right now, with a supportive family who loves me. 💗💗💗💗

Btw, I will get more pride month videos up soon. I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with my family and enjoying the peace and quiet, because this is the first time in 10 years I’ve ever felt free of all the stress that’s been weighing me down constantly.
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