Is My Teenager Using Drugs? Tips For Parents On Teenage Drug Use & Experimentation – Guide For 2020

Confronting teenage drug or alcohol addiction can be challenging. Most parents are unclear when to confront drug or alcohol use in their children and when to let, “kids be kids.” Compounding these problematic disorders during a national pandemic such as COVID-19, many individuals turn to substances to cope with stress, isolation, depression, and fear. Opioid withdrawal symptoms, while uncomfortable, are usually not life-threatening; however, if any co-occurring disorder is present, the risk may be imminent. Telehealth services are available for individuals struggling with opioid addiction, such as heroin or oxycontin addiction, that need drug rehabilitation or medication-assisted treatment. You do not have to struggle by yourself, even during this time of social distancing. Call today to learn more about what options are available and have a free, confidential risk addiction evaluation.
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