Is It Too Late to Repair My Relationship with My Child?

What happens when you shift away from using fear, blame, shame, or judgment? Will your children respond or is it too late to repair your relationship and teach them without threats or control?

Here is what kids are thinking and what you need to know if you’re confused about using conscious communication after a long period of relying on time-outs and take-aways. #TEACHthroughLove #consciouscommunication #consciousparenting

You can join these live calls and ask your questions when you join my #ConsciousParenting Academy (for free) → #teachthroughlove

How to Repair with kids:

The #ConsciousCommunication cards help us not only curb unwanted behavior, but they also show children how to be thoughtful and self-regulated problem-solvers.

Lori Petro I TEACH through Love
Speaker / Parent Educator / Child Advocate

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