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Is Intentional Parenting for you? Here are 5 Conscious Parenting tips and techniques to start implementing in your life today! I started my journey to become a more mindful and intentional mum two years ago, and today I’m sharing what I have learned so far and easy ways for you to try being more intentional too. Scroll down for links to resources!


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What is Intentional Parenting?

Hand in Hand Parenting
How my childhood trauma shaped who I am as a mum?

Why you shouldn’t stop a tantrum

Positive discipline tips

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Hi, I’m Ysis, Brazilian in the Wales, UK. I’m a full-time working mum of two, creator of the Mindful Motherhood movement, the perfect place for parenting + deep chats. I post videos about intentional parenting, living abroad, learning the English language, beauty and lifestyle.

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My YouTube series Mindful Motherhood offers parents a positive place to pause and reflect more deeply on parenting, learn techniques and share personal experiences of how to return to the now and be present as a mum by letting go of the overwhelming, multitasking, always busy ideal way of living in today’s society.

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