Interview വിജയിക്കാൻ ആവശ്യമായ 5 പ്രധാന കാര്യങ്ങൾ | 5 Mantras to Win the Interview | Winners Mantra

After education every individual is trying to get a suitable job. INTERVIEW is the final lap of Employee’s hiring process and it is very tough to many people. Here is the 5 Mantras to win the Interview in an effective way.
Winners Mantra
Our chief Mentor is D. Harikumar, a Trainer by Passion and Profession for the last 14 years in Kerala. Our training programs are based on Life Skills, Soft Skills and Motivational Sessions. The purpose of our training is to make behavioral changes in participants to increase their productivity in terms of Personal, Professional and Family life. A series of specially designed workshops will really help to equip them to meet career and life challenges. He trained more than 2.5 Lakh people from various organisations which include Corporate, Academics and Individuals. His purpose of life is to inculcate the youth and help individuals to self-tune by providing nutritious thoughts and skill development workshops to build them self-reliant by keeping values in family and social responsibilities.
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Major Training Topics
1. Success Mantras
2. Study Mantras
3. How to develop Inter personal skills
4. Leadership Skills
5. Communication Skills (specially designed)
6. Problem Solving & Decision Making
7. How to improve Learning Skills (Listening, Reading, Memory)
8. Orientation Training
9. How to Write stress free Exam
10. Career Guidance Training
11. GOAL setting & Time Management
12. Effective Presentation Skills
13. Interview Management (tackling 50 HR questions)
14. Resume writing
15. Group Discussion for Interview selection
16. Effective Public Speaking
17. Successful Parenting (Shaping Mantra)
18. Teacher to Guru (only for Teachers)

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