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How To Win Your kids With Play Parenting Course For Parents Wanting To Use Positive Discipline.
Winning Your Kids With Play Course and Book, special offer for our parenting community –
Maybe you are asking the question of why it would be necessary to read a book and do a course on how to play with your children. How To Win Your Kids With Play Parenting Course was made with you in mind. But is PLAY not something that comes naturally? And is it even necessary to play with your children? And could this course really make a difference in terms of your relationship with your children? Is there a right and a wrong way to play with your children? And if so, does it really matter and make a difference?
In this video, I briefly explain to you what our course offers, what you can expect, and how to use it as well as why it can benefit you and your children. Our parenting courses have helped many parents become successful parents.

Our play course consists of eight modules divided into four parts that are easy to follow and use. These modules include a focus on the following

Part 1, Play to distract bored or unwilling, complaining children.
Module 1, What is play; why and how to play with your children.
Module 2, General principles of play

Part 2, Play to ensure children are active and leave the TV and CONSOLE behind.
Module 3, Development and stimulation of children.
Module 4, Why more play and less TV are necessary

Part 3, Play to build a relationship and develop social skills
Module 5, Relationship as the foundation for children’s development.
Module 6, Strengthen your relationship with your children

Part 4, Play to enhances discipline and teach about rules and expectations.
Module 7, Basic principles of discipline and some ideas on how to use play in discipline.
Module 8, Positive discipline using play

The benefits of the book and the course are that you as a parent don’t need to do it alone. Whereas as parents we don’t always know how to help and guide our children in the right direction without them feeling that we are dictating to them about how to live their lives. It is a challenge and we are often unsure about how to go about it. At the same time, we fear that our children will make bad decisions about their future or even bad decisions when they are young that influence their future negatively. If you can build a good relationship with them while they are still young, it could change not only their future but also their now. Knowing the tips and tricks to successful parenting will help your children become successful children.

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