How to use Yoga to improve mental health! Using Yoga & iRest to balance mental and physical health.

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How to use Yoga to improve mental health! Using Yoga & iRest to balance mental and physical health.
For 1000s of years yoga has been used to balance mental, emotional and physical health. Check out our discussion with Licensed Master Social Worker Fay-ONeill as we discuss her use of Yoga and Mental Health Therapy to help people heal their mind, body and spirit.
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Our Talk Show Host:
Rachel Hatfield M.S. LPC-S, LMFT-S, RPT-S, TAC-S Master of Science, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist- Supervisor, Technology Assisted Counselor-Supervisor, Autplay Certified. Rachel is a practicing counselor, wife, mother, keynote speaker, educator, clinical director, supervisor, nature lover and chicken farmer!

Rachel has practiced counseling for a decade and has extensive training in counseling depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, marriage therapy, play therapy, parenting training, family therapy, grief/loss, LGBTQI+ issues, relationship issues, trauma healing, and somatic therapies. She is passionate about increasing access to knowledge about mental health and wellness. She enjoys learning, reading, and talking with people! Her goals for this channel and podcast is to increase the worlds knowledge of mental health topics, relationships, and life to improve global mental wellness through access to information about resources of help and support for people in need.

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