How To Stay Calm When Child Misbehaves

Effective Parenting. This video is about child behavior management, parents controlling their emotions, how to stay calm under stress, teaching children to not get upset, rational emotive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques,controlling temper, and effective parenting. Included are parenting tips, parenting hacks, parenting styles, parenting 101, and child behavior problems.

Many parents allow themselves to fall into the trap of believing that they have little or no control over their own emotions and responding to their children. Using the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive therapy, Dr. M shows parents how they can stop themselves from getting upset with their children. Since our feelings come from our thoughts, by changing how we think and interpret a situation the result would be a more reasonable and controlled response.

Have you ever noticed that two people can have the exact same event occur, and one person gets upset while the other is calm? For example 2 people might miss their bus and one is ranting and raving while the other is looking for her phone in her purse to call work and let them know she will be a little late and she had no control over what happened. Our feelings don’t come from what other people say and do, our feelings come from how we think. By using the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy parents can learn to respond to their child in a calm manner. Staying calm when things go wrong with children serves a model for the children that problems can be dealt with reasonably.

This video is for entertainment purposes. Before addressing any problems that you’re experiencing or family members experiencing please discuss it with your physician, pediatrician, a psychotherapist, or other appropriate professional before intervening with solving such issues.

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