How To Relieve Throat Stress for Moms

This video shows mom how to use simple Listening Touch techniques to relieve throat pain brought on by stress and tension, particularly when life is one big overwhelm!

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Today’s technique is how to relieve a tense throat. It is designed for you to practice on yourself.
This can be done anywhere at any time, whenever you feel the need. Sometimes when our bodies react to stress with the sensation of breathlessness, we don’t understand why we have these reactions, wondering if something is seriously wrong with us. Most of the time though, it is fear of not coping with the current situation. Sleepless nights definitely contribute to this.
Here’s how to relieve throat stress:
Place your first hand gently below your collarbone between the upper ribs.
Place the thumb and fingers of your second hand around the base of the neck, which is near the collarbone. Alternatively you can place the palm of your hand below, or on the collar bone, whichever is most comfortable for you.
Focus on the warmth of your hand. Your hand is sending a message to the pain, and with your imagination you make it dissolve and disappear. Then you encourage calm to enter your body. During this treatment you may feel heat, or other sensations, flow into your hand and then dissipate.

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