How to Prevent Depression and Anxiety; 7 Proven Tools for Parents

How to Prevent Depression and Anxiety; 7 Proven Tools for Parents

Are you a caring parent who is concerned about increasing rates of depression and anxiety?

Would you like to know how you can prevent depression and anxiety for your kids and yourself?

In this program, you will learn seven proven tools from Dr. Rozina to help you and your kids stay happy and healthy.

Dr. Rozina is an MD-Psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of depression and anxiety for more than 20 years. She is going to share evidence-based tools that you can implement today.

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Videos referenced in this program:

How to make depression go away and feel happy again.

Self-care for Moms without feeling guilty:

How to Practice Mindfulness for Stress Management; Three Essential Components for Calm, Focus, and Joy.

Screening tool for Depression:

My Healthy Plate is shown in the program:

Healthy Plates Around the World

Many studies I shared in the program could be found in Michael Berk Ph.D. lecture:


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