How to prepare for delivery date | tips to keep you stress free on due date

In this video of How to prepare for baby delivery in Hindi , we have shared tips based on our experience to make you stress free and prepare better for the big day. We are sharing number of videos related to How to care for pregnancy in India, postpartum care for Indian mothers , how to look after delivery and all the pregnancy care in Hindi language.

I am a Indian mother of two children and spent majority of my life in big joint family. I have learnt from really wise and experienced women in my life and now applying all the knowledge practically while caring myself and raising our children.

Parenting is never a destination , it’s a journey. So here I am , sharing my journey with all of you by sharing our parenting experiences in Hindi. We upload videos related to these topics:
Pregnancy care in Hindi
Post Pregnancy care in Hindi
Parenting tips for Indian mothers
Struggles of NRI parents
How to teach practical skills to kids in Hindi
and much more.
We also share lot of content and valuable tips across various other social media platforms, links are here:

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