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Tips to make kids love eating at home

Children love eating out and it’s not just because the food is yummy. There is more to it, all being recorded in their minds.

Eating out in a restaurant means:
1. Making a plan, getting dressed
2. Sharing so much excitement
3. Looking forward to the day
4. Praising the food you ate
5. Entire family eating together happily
6. Overall step out with happy memories of eating out

Eating at home currently means:
1. Not so excited, it’s just another task
2. Eating/Feeding alone many times
3. Not really praising the food, just gobbling up and finishing it up
4. Eating in a hurry, like its a task
5. Not really associated with happy memories everyday.
6. Sadness or being hurt if forcefed

The whole idea is trying to replicate the same excitement for most of the meals at home. Remember when you were young, how excited you would be to go to grandma’s place. Simply because you were looking forward to happy experiences, less judgements & yummy food that your grandma made with your cousins etc.

That is it. It is just a mind game. If you have a fussy eater, recheck all the emotions/environment you are creating during meal times. .

Start small, you cannot expect kids to eat well overnight. It may take at least a week, but be consistent with the changes you bring in.

Hope this was helpful. Tag a mom who needs to hear this for her child.

Founder, Early Foods

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