How to know baby is hungry | कैसे जाने कि बेबी को भूख लगी | Baby​ Hunger signs | Dr Md Noor Alam

How to tell baby is hungry | कैसे जाने कि बेबी को भूख लगी | Baby​ Hunger signs | Baby hunger cues
Hi am DR. Md Noor Alam Khan, welcome to our youTube channel HEALTHY CHILD

About this video- In this video we have explained about, How to know baby is hungry or not, hunger cues, newborn feeding cues, baby hunger signs, Baby body language, How to know if baby is hungry, how to know if baby is full, baby hunger cues, newborn feeding cues, baby feeding cues, how to create bond between you and your baby, how to feed on time, how to feed baby is baby is sleepy and frequency of feeding in hindi.

is video me bataya gaya hai ki shishu kaise apni bat kehta hai, kaise jane ki bacha bhukha hai, kaise jane bache ka pet bhar gaya, bhook lagne par bacha kaise batata hai, navjat shishu aur apne beech me rishta kaise mazboot karen, bacha bar bar soye to kaise doodh pilaye, bache ko din me kitne bar doodh pilaye.

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About this channel-

This channel has been initiated by Dr. MD NOOR ALAM KHAN , a renowned experienced paediatritian and newborn specialist. The aim of this channel is to aware general population about routine newborn care, breastfeeding, danger signs of babies,child health tips, care in special illnesses of children, feeding problems in school going kids(bacho ka khana na khana), weight problems , behavior problems, early and delayed puberty and prevention from different seasonal illnesses.
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