How to improve our communication।।अपना कम्यूनिकेशन कैसे बढ़ाये?? Power of Communication।।

Yogesh Viradiya is well known as personality Development Trainer and Certified Corporate Trainer. He is the Director of Devarshi Practical Pathshala. He is also a founder of Chanaky Business Pathshala. he is Completed B. Pharm From Nagpur University. (Maharastra) He is also Completed his MBA from Gulbarga University. ( Karnataka).He is Also a Well known Writer. He Conducted Seminar on Business Habits, Parenting , Student Motivation, Teacher Training, Employee Training in Various Organisation. every Year Yogesh Viradiya addresses the thousands of people. To watch more inspirational and motivational videos and stories, you can visit our channel . Recently Yogesh Viradiya Started Business School. aim is to be create millionaire.
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👉Do you want to develop your Personality?

👉Do you want more business?

👉This Course Explore your Magnetic Personality can help you to achieve your goals.

👉This Course will help you in developing:
☑Positive attitude
☑Communication skills
☑Presentation skills
☑Positive qualities
☑Successful habits
☑Dressing Sense

👉About Explore your Magnetic Personality Course

👉12 Module Each Module Contain 4 to 5 Videos

Module 1: Power of Communication
Module 2: Power of Personality
Module 3: Attitude of Gratitude
Module 4: Job & business Oriented Skills
Module 5: How to become gentlemen?
Module 6: How to develop powerful habits?
Module 7: Life lesson from Indian mythology
Module 8: Secret of Powerful leadership
Module 9: Secret of Public Speaking
Module 10: Powerful goal setting
Module 11: How to Manage Stress?
Module 12: How to find purpose?

👉What you will get for Free after Registration:

✔Video Access
✔Call Support
✔Free live Webinar
✔Free eBook
✔Become a member of whatsapp group

👉Benefits from this Course:

📒Master the art of communication
📒Get rid of the fear of Public Speaking
📒Develop a growth mindset and create your own success blueprint
📒Understand how to effectively communicate one to one & one to many

👉Call/ Whatsapp for This Life Changing Course

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Disclaimar: The following video is based on research and case studies from different books, media, internet space, etc. Yogesh viradiya and producer do not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality or reliability of the information contained in this video. this video is only for purpose of education, motivation.
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