How to Help Your Child Deal with Exam Stress – Parent's Survival Guide to Exam Stress

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1. Parent’s Survival Guide to Exam Stress
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3. With rising competition in students to achieve higher grades, percentages and more, stress is not limited to just students but also extends to their parents.
4. It is not just students appearing for exams who go through stress and performance pressure, but also their parents.

5. If you are a parent, then you must know that it’s perfectly normal to be anxious and worried about your kids in the lead up to exams.
6. Let’s have a look at some essential study habits to incorporate in your child’s schedule.
a) Each child has a different approach to learning. Let them follow that as long as it yields good results and doesn’t affect their health.

b) Include practice exams in your child’s routine and time them.

c) Study time can be more fun with new stationery, highlighters; and innovative and fun techniques to learn and memorise things.
7. Let’s see how you can plan and organise effectively for exams:

a) You will be better at planning things for them, so help them plan a routine to balance study and relaxing time effectively.

b) It’s not just your kid who has to be on schedule. An important exam ropes in everyone in the family. Keep noise and distractions at bay. Keeping regular sleep patterns is essential during this period.

c) Break study time into small chunks with short breaks for better learning & retention. Create notes or postcards which are helpful during revision.

8. But without any motivation, the child won’t excel as much as he/she can:

a) The best way you can help your child is to remain calm yourself. Do not transfer the anxiety. Take some ‘time out’ for yourself too.

b) Keep pressure out of the whole situation. Do not burden the child with huge expectations. Instead ask them to just give their best shot.

c) Teach your child that they should never give up. Motivate them to leave nothing unfinished no matter how hard it is.

d) In the name of motivation, bribing the child with something they always wanted, is not a good idea. Encourage them to do well for themselves and not to please anyone.

9. Emotional Support is an essential part of this entire process.

a) Let your child know you are there for them unconditionally.

b) Helping your child stay positive is part of your job. And probably the primary job right now. For which, you need to stay positive too.

c) Observing your child’s trait is very important. Look out for signs of anxiety and stress and rectify it before it takes a toll on them. Talk to them. Sometimes they don’t want directions, and just want someone to hear them vent out.

14. Always be supportive. Instead of giving them a target number to achieve; just motivate them to do their best. You will be surprised by the results!
15. Beat their stress with these simple tips and stay positive.
Help your Child Grow!!
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