How to do Normal Delivery in Hindi ? | Normal delivery Tips | What To Do For #Normal #Delivery?

What to Do For Normal Delivery?

“Will it be a normal delivery?” Or “Do I have to undergo cesarean section?”

Are you pregnant?

Do these questions bother you every day, since you discovered you are pregnant?

If ‘yes’ then you are in the right place.

I am Dr. Megha Shah a Gynaecologist as well as a Garbhsanskar & Parental Coach. I also run a successful YouTube channel, where I share my valuable knowledge about Garbhsanskar, Gynaecological issues, Pregnancy, Delivery and Parenting.

Here I would be guiding you on, what all things you can do, to have a normal delivery.

When you’re pregnant, it’s important to be prepared;


When there are regular contractions in the uterus, your muscles won’t receive sufficient oxygen. It leads to accumulation of lactic acid in your body, which further leads to pain.
If you don’t want to go through intense, unbearable pain during delivery, then increase the oxygen levels in your body.
Following are various ways, by which you can increase oxygen levels in your body;

i. Normal Haemoglobin level
-Eat raisins, spinach, watermelons, dates, pomegranate and other foods which are rich in iron content.
ii. Get sufficient amount of Vitamins & Nutrients
iii. Maintain an Ideal Body Weight
All these factors can help to maintain your oxygen saturation level.
The next important thing is ‘Breathing’. Various Breathing Exercises such as Lamaze Breathing, Horse Breathing, Pranayama, etc should be adapted during 8th and 9th month of the pregnancy. This increases capacity of your lungs, due to which, oxygen levels in body is increased.

We all are aware of the fact that, the baby is supposed to travel through a narrow passage. Your bones and body should be strong enough to fulfil this purpose. Following exercises should be done during 8th & 9th months to strengthen your bones and body;
i. Squat
ii. Butterfly
iii. Duck walking
Doing these exercises helps widening the bones of pelvic passage, promotes good toning of muscles and supports normal delivery.
Walking regularly is equally important at least for 10 to 15 minutes. The gravitation helps in downward movement of the baby’s head.
Apart from all these, you should also maintain a Good Hygiene, especially at your genital region; keep your genital areas clean.

Stress is one of the biggest causes, behind preventing a normal delivery. It can also lead to various unwanted complications during delivery.
Staying stress free during pregnancy is very crucial. Attend regular check-ups to stay ensured and confident.
To avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety, it is advised to inspect the whole hospital, during 9th month of pregnancy, where you’re planning to get your delivery done. Getting ensured about your hospital can help you get comfortable, with your decision.
Try to gain some knowledge about the entire delivery procedure. Then visualize, about you going through the same. Imagine giving birth to a healthy baby and experience the bliss which, everyone will have after looking at the baby. This will reduce unwanted anxiety and help you stay optimistic about the whole process.
Affirmation is important. Have faith and believe the fact that, delivery is a safe and easy procedure. Use the “Law of Attraction” and make everything happen, the way you want it to be.
It’s important to stay emotionally comfortable. Select a hospital and doctor on whom you can trust and are comfortable with.
Do not allow any stress or negative issues to impact your emotional health.
Make sure that your husband or anyone of trust accompanies you and stays with you all the time. If possible, then ask them to accompany you in the labour room as well. This will help you stay strong mentally & emotionally.
Listening to good music or Prasava mantra, before or during delivery can keep you calm and help you relax.

So these were some tips for you, to get prepared for a normal delivery. You can also join our Easy Delivery Programme where I provide sessions on Hypnobirthing, Exercises, Breathing Techniques, etc.
Take good care of yourself and “I wish you to be a Proud Parent”.


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Be proud parents!

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