How To Deal With A Stubborn Child: 5 Positive Parenting Tips

5 positive parenting tips on how to deal with a stubborn child:

1) Stay calm. As a parent, never allow your child’s mood to control yours. Just keep breathing. Children aren’t good at regulating their emotions, but you can–since you’re an adult.

2) Take note of what you can control. Children normally choose something they could control.
You have control of the things you provide them.

3) Empower what your kids can control. Focus on the choice of your child. It’s ok for you to say, “You know what sweetie, that’s your choice”. Empowering their choice and honoring them also mean there will still be consequences that children can’t control.

4) Listen rather than argue with your kids. Children argue because it gives them a false sense of power. Take a listening approach. You can change the dynamic of the conversation. You can do this by saying, “Oh, that’s interesting. Tell me more about that.” Try it.

5) Be empathic than angry. Let them know that it’s also hard on you as a parent.

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