How to Communicate With Your Mind and Heal Your Body Through Your Mind | How do Diseases Start.

Hello Friends, This video is based on “How to Communicate With Your Subconscious Mind and How to Use Your Mind to Can Heal Your Body | How do Diseases Start, Develop, and Works. After watching this video you can learn ” How our mind works, and What is a solution and treatment of diseases.

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How to cure Anxiety Disease by Mr. Nitin Mohan Lal.
I am right here to show the solutions for its cure. I am a Reiki Grand Master, Pranic healer, NLP Life Coach n I am an Author too. You can read my books the ‘Power Of Affirmation’, so that u know the right way to affirm, by not affirming wrong things in life. U can read my book ‘Walk With Gratitude’, ‘Iconic Parenting’. All these books r readily available in the market. U can even search in U Tube my videos of Nitin Mohan Lal pertaining to more knowledge corresponding to different informative videos of spiritual modalities as well as scientific modalities.
Let’s start, how it works n how things happen. Let’s take an example, If I ask U a question, there is a monkey & in front of it on one side, a banana is kept & on the other side money? What wl he opt for? Banana. Of course. Because he doesn’t realize the value of money. As wt money, he can buy a bunch of bananas. In a similar way., let’s assume A human being on one side & in front of him health is kept & on the other side money is kept. Of course. He wl take the money. Its because he doesn’t know the value for health. It means that all his life he wl concentrate himself to ear his money & then invest his whole money for his own health. Whenever V r born V r generally born healthy, usually healthy. That time V r born without any disease. Then slowly our mind starts to learn the behavior. Just listen to me carefully, When u were a kid that was the time when U had byhearted many things. That’s called a belief system. It means if it is 25th Dec, then image V come across is of Santaclaus. Always visualizing Christmas Eve, where Santaclaus makes a presence & there r chocolates found underneath the pillow. It might have been kept under the pillow by ur parents, brothers, sisters, or maybe ur friend. But then its ur strong belief that Santaclaus has made his presence here n has kept his gifts of toffee, chocolates under the pillow. But is there that belief system even now. Wl U think that again its 25th Dec & chocolates & gifts wl be found underneath the pillow. No. Never. In childhood U might have learned all alphabetical vowels, Rhymes, Pythagoras theorem, but do U remember now. No. It means our mind knows to learn as well as unlearn also. I suppose I’m giving U the vowels again, Wl u by heart it, Yes, of course, U may, it means U know to relearn also. Right. Now the thing is that our mind doesn’t want
To keep it unlearnt. Unfortunately. For example, This pattern exists due to our stress.
Our anxiety, Our depression, our body pain, of our Being victim. Unfortunately, our mind doesn’t know to unlearn all these factors. Let’s start wt what is a Disease. The disease is the behavior of our body. It’s a symptom. V hunt for our disease in our body. But it actually exists in the mind. Basically how this disease is formed is how it comes into contact wt our bodies. For instance, U have an infant child. He goes to school. A teacher teaches him A for Apple, B for Boy, 3+3=6. Sometimes the child writes wrong also 3+3=7. Now here the teacher obviously scolds the child denoting him as stupid. Now the kid here registered the same event in his own memory. In a similar fashion V clutter our memory wt so many bad & good things of our life right from childhood. Our mind comprises of 80 billion neurons. The capacity of one neuron is 82 GB, 60 trillion cells. Now here the kid is gathering n accumulating all information. And of his past, painful memories are coming in his way to spoil his present. For example, Your issues
With ur mother-in-law which exists 10years back is still fresh. It means our present is affected by that small past painful event that existed before. Again, for instance, a dead rat inside a room, in spite of spraying how much ever room sprays, wl the smell go? No. Till the time U remove it out. Right. To be precise, if in ur subconscious mind this dead
Rat is fed in ur brain consciously, how much ever U try ur best to succeed, ul be unsuccessful. I mean to say, if the subconscious mind is filled wt past painful memory, in present how much ever U try to erase the disease from the present. It won’t go. For instance, If I keep a big sword on top of your head & food on a table. Wl U enjoy the food which is kept. No. Ur conscious wl be in the sword. Similarly, if u r gifted wt a happy family, n a healthy n wealthy life & the sword is still hanging on top, ul never enjoy ur life because ur whole concentration wl be on the sword. Even if u r given a creativity then., Ur’s main intention wl be how to escape from here. Now just see how our mind plays its role.

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