How to Change Your Angry, Impossible Child into a Happy Child

Greg Baer M.D. will teach you how to transform your angry child into the loving, happy, responsible child you have always wanted.
In this video he will teach you:
1. The REAL reason your child is angry and defiant and difficult (and it’s not what you think).
2. Why you just can’t seem to help him or her be happy, no matter what you do.
3. What you can do to ELIMINATE, not just manage, the anger, almost always without medication. Really.
4. How YOU can replace anger and entitled demands with genuine peace and happiness in your child.
5. How YOU can learn not to be angry either, which always makes things worse.

Video Timestamps:
00:34 There is a solution.
04:20 What you will learn that you don’t already know.
06:30 Loving your children unconditionally.
07:20 The real effect of anger and disappointment.
10:11 Childhood and teenage anger is a reaction to not being loved unconditionally.
11:18 Children and teenagers who are loved unconditionally don’t become angry and entitled.
12:05 Why you’re not succeeding in helping your children with their outbursts of anger.
13:17 Your children can learn to be happy.
14:13 Loving and teaching eliminates anger in children
15:02 Transforming, not managing your children.

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