How to build your child's Self-Esteem | The foundational pillars of Self Esteem – Angeline Yee

Ms Angeline Yee will give you the tools to help you and your child through their difficult phase of growing up and trying to find themselves. Most Asian parents especially avoid praising their own child as they don’t want to be thought of as boastful and unfortunately, they carry this perception even when they are with their child. Some feel that a little tough love may spur their child so do better, to prove their parent wrong.

Unknowingly, this mind set may affect the child negatively and in some cases, this low self esteem (that feeling of never being good enough) carries on to adulthood and may have detrimental effects on that young adult which may never go away.

If you are having a tough time wondering if you’re doing and saying the right things to your child, whether your words and actions will positively raise your child’s self – esteem or merely result in a spoilt ‘know – it – all’ who has no regard for anyone else but himself, then this is the talk for you!

Let Ms Angeline Yee open the doors and guide you to being the best parents you can possibly be.

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