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In this guided meditation we will practice full-body awareness by sending breath to release stress and any sort of tension in any part of the body.

Hello Everyone,
My name is Vaneet Duggal, married to beautiful Shakti (Niti Jain) who is a well-established entrepreneur. I am the father of three lovely children.

I have lived abroad around Asia and traveled widely across the globe. I am a Spiritual Seeker, a Non-Clinical CLI Coach, Created AppMeditate-Platform for Guided Meditation on various aspects of life.

My Step by Step BVPS Empowered Life skill has helped 1200+ individuals manifest their dream life in all categories, health, relationships, abundance, career, parenting, life purpose and you name it.

I live life as a Creative Conscious being. It has been a phenomenal journey. My motto..”Spread Love, Joy, and Happiness”.

#happiness #secret #success #fulfilment #life #mindfulness #calm #meditate

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