Happy Father's Day Don't Forget Jesus The Father Of All Fathers

Just really cute things I found on the internet. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers who are good fathers and really do try and be a good father including those who are, have been and are wishing to be a father to one or more pets or and sanctuary animals, wildlife or farm animals. Remember The Father Of All Fathers, Don’t Forget Jesus Christ. Whether you’re a father now or ever will be, He can be yours. You need to do things according to His will, at least try to.
There are fathers who’s child or children could have passed away due to miscarriage, stillborn birth, genocide, war, some type of murder (not by them), or abortion which is also murder which results in a type of post traumatic stress disorder called post abortion syndrome, or whose child could have passed away because of a disease, a disorder, cancer, aphylactic shock from vaccines. There are people whose child could be unresponsive: in a coma, with autism, or have undiagnosed or diagnosed narcissistic and or antisocial personality disorder. They need Jesus Christ. You need Jesus Christ. He can heal them and you. He can heal anyone. He may or may not take someone out of a coma. But either way, everybody needs Jesus Christ. He is spiritual, emotional, physical and financial protection. And there are people whose father or fathers (biological, officially or unofficially adoptive fathers: substitute father family members: biological or familial grandfather, uncle, big brother or role model: coach, teacher, boy scout leader, neighbor, friend of the family, counselor, step-father or foster fathers or foster father) whom have passed away for various different reasons: genocide, war, murder including in prison somewhat justifiably or not, “natural causes”, abuse, neglect by a spousal, familial and or medical caretaker, medical malpractice, drugs (street or and prescription), alcohol or otherwise their own neglect. Or a person’s father or fathers could be unavailable: they are unaware they are a father, the mother and or family could have in the past and could be still unjustifiably interfering with custody and or visitation rights and in addition giving the wrong impression of the father claiming he’s dead or whereabouts are unknown, he’s in prison or uninterested and or the father is someone else. A person’s father/father figures could emotionally be unavailable: in a coma, undiagnosed or diagnosed with narcissistic and or antisocial personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder including with one or more personalities with narcissistic and or antisocial personality disorder, could have schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder from war/wars or and other traumatic events, depression. A person’s father or fathers could be in prison, rightfully, wrongfully, disproportionately, emotionally and or physically unavailable due to addiction to drugs (street or and prescription) or and alcohol, sex, pornography, gambling or is otherwise a philanderer. A person’s father or fathers could be or could have been unavailable due to occupation: military during time of war including mandatory obligation, military training (basic training, military occupation) and other occupations that require some if not much travel resulting in separation from family. Some people’s parents never committed to marriage and on top of that are living separately, some are separated and some are divorced sometimes resulting in fathers denied visitation rights: rightfully, wrongfully, disproportionately, denied custody: rightfully, wrongfully, disproportionately or are given visitation rights or shared custody which sometimes can limit ability to develop and sustain healthy bonds. Some people’s father or fathers are spiritually, sexually, emotionally or and physically abusive or and emotional-needs or and physical-needs neglectful which is a form of abuse, also. Some people’s fathers are pedophiles, sexual assaulters, and their mothers are victims and survivors of incest. Making a person’s father an abusive yet complicated family member. That is not a child or children’s fault. They are innocent. Some people’s fathers claim to be religious including leaders, living secret life, a cult leader including claiming to be Jesus (delusional), are a murderer, involved with a gang, in the mafia or a mob, a serial killer, involved in black magic or a satanist. Life can be better and it could be worse. Ask (for something that is within His will) and you shall receive. Some people claim Jesus Christ does not always if ever answer their prayers. You have to ask for something that is within His will and within His will for you and have faith. Sometimes His answer is . . . a . . . no. Do you know the ten commandments? Do you know His will? Life could be better but it could be worse. It’s a constant battle for spiritual, emotional, physical and for most financial balance. People need protection. Protection of their soul, their spirit, their mind and their heart. They need Jesus Christ.

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