Getting Unstuck & Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Been feeling stuck for far too long?


Feeling comfortable, but feeling bad that you’re still not satisfied and you’re wanting more?

Pushing ourselves to take on too much and LIVE in a state of chronic action, actually leaves us feeling stuck. Sometimes, we can even find ourselves fairly comfortable with where we are at, and then want to stay there, because the comfort feels good or “normal”; you might catch yourself saying things to yourself like: “How can I want more? Doesn’t that make me selfish? Isn’t this just good enough? Am I ungrateful if I want more?”.

Comfortable keeps you where you’re at because it feels safe.

Stuck keeps you where you’re at because of its familiarity.

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Hey, I’m Dr. Toni. Mom of 3, psychotherapist, Life & Wellness Coach helping busy professionals create a meaningfully balanced & joyful life, and former behavior specialist consultant with more than a decade of experience as a working mom in the helping professions field.

I’ve been to burn out. I’ve navigated up and down anxiety and depression at various points in my life. I’ve been a single-mom, a co-parenting mom, a full-time work & grad school mom, a mom navigating newlywed life as a blended family, a high-achieving professional + mom, entrepreneur mom, and so on. In addition to my graduate education in human psychology, human sexuality and education, as well as keeping up on research and supporting clients, I’ve trial and errored what works and what doesn’t to create a more balanced, less stressful, fulfilling life experience from the inside out.

Now, I devote my time to help others experience their own sense of what more balance and freedom in their lives means and brings for them.

Over the years, I’ve guided countless people along their life journey, through life transitions, chronic stress, post-trauma, and more, helping them to create a foundation for a less stressful, more fulfilling life that they enjoy living in.

If you’d like to find out more about what I offer, my hub is a great place to start:

Have questions you’d like me to answer? You can reach me directly at

It’s great to virtually connect with you.

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