Getting Help with Autism Children Through Respite Care

Parents need respite care for children with autism. Dr. Mary Barbera provides some insight on how autism parents can get respite care services.
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When my son Lucas was young, I had in home respite care services that helped me become a better mother and establish myself as a behavior analyst. Respite care for autism is tough to find though, and many autism parents do not know where to turn or where to look. That is why in today’s video blog I am sharing some tips on what resources you can use to find a respite provider. I will also talk about why respite care for special needs children is important for staying healthy and stress free as a parent.

And it does not have to be a stranger either to start getting help with autism children. Many times, parents are scared to look for au pairs for children with autism, or nannies because they have trust issues. And other times, finding babysitters for autism, finding nannies for autism, or other autism caregivers is nearly impossible. But you can even just call up a relative, the child’s grandparents, or a close friend to provide respite care. The important part is that you do something, and respite care is one of the best solutions to start reducing stress for autism parents and maintaining autism burnout.

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Dr. Mary Barbera. I fell into the autism world as an autism mom in 1999 when her first-born son, Lucas, was diagnosed with autism. Since then, she became a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and best-selling author of The Verbal Behavior Approach. Since 2015, she’s created 3 autism online courses based on applied behavior analysis for professionals and “gung-ho” parents. Whether you’re looking for autism parenting strategies, working with development delays in children, or in search of autism help for professionals, I can encourage you to subscribe to the channel and join me on my journey. I’ll be providing weekly autism resources that you don’t want to miss.

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