Forest Friday – Find Your Calm in Nature 6/26

6/26 The Calming Benefits of Nature

Welcome to Forest Fridays with Everyone Outside 501(c)(3)

Join us for a free Forest Friday routine. This is a 20 minute video that shares a little bit about what Forest Friday playgroups are, forest circle time (songs), Nature Connection Routines, a movement activity, and nature story time!

Please note: This video is not intended for you and your child to sit down and watch for 20 minutes straight, we have some breaks and ‘pauses’ for you to do our FF routines and circle time sharing! or feel free to watch a head of time and lead FF with a group of your own!

Today for our movement activity we will be doing some bunny yoga! Moving outdoors in nature, deep breathing, grounding (walking in bare feet on the earth), and moving like animals can bring about some amazing benefits for our minds and bodies.


0:44 Welcome & Goodmorning Song
1:38 Nature Share
4:04 Time to Wander
5:13 The Calming Benefits of Nature
9:17 Intro to Bunny Yoga
10:28 Nature Story Time: Bunny Yoga book
14:30 Yoga- Move with me!
18:15 Gratitude Circle

GOODBYE SONG? (Oops I forgot this week.. here are the words)

Dear Friends Goodbye
Dear Friends Goodbye
Now is the Time of Day That We All Go Our Way
Dear Friends Goodbye
Dear Friends Goodbye
Go Well and Safely
Go Well and Safely
Go Well and Safely
Our Love Be Ever With you!



What is Grounding?

Yoga Bunny

You Are a Lion

Yoga Bug

Yoga Pretzels (cards)

Breathe Like a Bear

(Article) Let Them Be Barefoot

(Article) Why Kids Should Go Barefoot More (and probably adults too)


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