Flu Prevention – Traci's Tips of the Trade

Hey Guys Traci Here From Jani-King

Welcome to flu season

So the key to flu prevention is having a good disinfection program and keeping in mind there is no magic fairy dust.

You can’t fog, spray, clean your facility, building, school, elevator, track buttons, you can’t do all that just once and you’re good for flu season.

Disinfecting you need to keep in mind the dwell time that you have and know that once you disinfect something they can be contaminated literally within minutes with the next infected user.

For some more flu fighting tips be sure to click the link below for our Clean Hands, Clean Surfaces information.

And that’s all I’ve got, stay healthy and I’ll catch you guys next time on Traci’s Tips of the Trade.


Download the Clean Hands. Clean Surfaces program information


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