Flu Prevention Natural Remedies (Cold and Flu Prevention Home Remedies, OTC, CDC)

Want flu prevention natural remedies? Get your cold and flu prevention home remedies in this video. This is the complete flu prevention strategies for everyone.

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Winter flu can be a distraction that you do not need in your life right now. Get on top of your flu prevention aspiration using these top cold and flu prevention remedies.

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The emphasis these days is all about natural flu prevention. Most people will go the route of receiving flu vaccine. You could have your flu vaccine but in my experience, flu vaccine is always a hit or miss.

Every year I receive the flu vaccine, I still wind up with the flu virus and the flu illness. The flu vaccine may not be too effective, hence looking for cold and flu prevention alternatives is not a bad idea.

In this cold and flu prevention video, you will get an abundance of cold and flu prevention tips that you can employ today. No fuss flu prevention tips. You could see these flu prevention tips as flu homeopathic flu prevention protocol.

Some of the tips here will overlap with the Center for Disease Control CDC flu prevention strategies.


Watch this cold and flu prevention video and build a shield around you. Keep the flu virus at bay.

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