Finding Our Purpose & Parenting As A Spiritual Practise with Patrick Harrington

Welcome to my podcast:

My awesome guest this week is Patrick Harington, a coach, teacher and the founder of Kindness yoga studios in Colorado.

I first met Patrick on a small retreat in Coast Rica a few years ago. I have huge respect for Patrick, his wisdom and what he brings to the world. We have had some wonderful conversations over the years and wanted to bring one to the podcast for you all today. Enjoy!

Topics discussed:

– How yoga impacted his life
– Accepting death, we can fully live
– Finding our purpose
– Parenting as a spiritual practice.

About Patrick: Patrick Harrington is living the life of his dreams. For the past 20 years, he has owned and operated with his wife Cameron, kindness yoga in Denver Co. In Addition to teaching he has been coaching private clients for the last decade.

His experience with hundreds of coaching clients and thousands of yoga students has confirmed his belief that yoga, mindfulness, and coaching is the best combination to unlock a life full of meaning and accomplishment.

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