Fighting the Summer Slide When Kids May Already Be Behind

New research shows that kids missed a lot of learning due to the Spring school closures mandated by Covid-19 quarantine. Many parents were relying on summer enrichment programs to make sure kids stayed at grade level — but these are being cancelled, too. Get effective strategies to keep kids’ minds engaged (even if their bodies are sheltering in place) from Education Editor Chrissy Elgersma and Senior Parenting Editor Caroline Knorr, whose advice and tips take the pressure off you, while they truly help kids learn and grow in a very unique (to say the least) summer.

Join us for this interactive 45-minute discussion.

Caroline Knorr — Parenting Editor, Common Sense Media
Chrissy Elgersma — Apps and Education Editor, Common Sense Media

Conversation with Common Sense brings together authors, experts, and thought leaders for meaningful and timely dialogue on what it means to raise healthy and happy kids in the digital age. This series will feature tips and advice on keeping kids engaged, entertained, and learning while at home, as well as best practices for managing stress and self-care for the whole family during this time of social distancing.

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Are you looking for resources to help during the school closures? We’ve got you. Common Sense has free tips and tools for educators and families to support the transition to at-home learning. Get the best ratings, reviews, and advice so you can keep your kids engaged, entertained, and learning while at home, :

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