Feeling down during quarantine? Do this! By Shelly Lefkoe

Being in quarantine can be quite challenging.
It can bring up all kinds of uncomfortable emotions like fear, loneliness and anxiety and it can be difficult to stay positive.

Shelly Lefkoe, Co-founder of The Lefkoe Institute has helped clients get rid of unwanted emotions and behaviors for over 30 years, and today she is sharing a powerful and simple tool that we can use during these times to make life more enjoyable and easy!

Try this out and let us know what you experience.
If you wish to change any unwanted behavior or emotion, this is for you:

Eliminate a free belief here: https://www.recreateyourlife.com/free/

Book a free strategy session: https://www.mortylefkoe.com/application/

With gratitude,
The Lefkoe Institue

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