Fearless Parent: Raising Kids Using Stoic Philosophy

Wondering how to be less stressed as a parent? Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy that teaches us how to focus on what we can control in life. Leah Goldrick of http://www.commonsenseethics.com and Brittany Polat of http://www.apparentstoic.com discuss how to apply Stoic philosophy to parenting and how it can make both parents and kids happier.

We discuss:

Overcoming worry and parenting anxiety. Not worrying about what other people think of how you raise your children.

US culture being oriented towards adult lifestyles and careers and not very child friendly.

Thinking that you can control everything and being goal oriented does not work with kids because while you can influence them, you can’t control what they do.

You will be happier as a parent/family if you focus on what you can control – the environment, how you respond, getting prepared in advance, etc.

The Golden Rule and other ways to teach kids the value of kindness.

Links: https://www.apparentstoic.com/cardinal-rules-for-stoic-parenting/

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