Family Day Out: Early Pregnancy Symptoms / How I Pack & Hiking

Family Day Out: Today I talk about EARLY PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS, How I pack for a day trip and we do a little hike around the lake. Time Stamps Below!

How I Pack 1:40
Early Pregnancy Symptoms: 3:45
Lunch and Fall Chat: 4:49
Hike: 6:53
Question Of The Day: 10:36

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🍷 Day Family Packing Checklist (Day Trip)
Extra clothes for yourself and children (think about temp rise and drops)
Diapers (Water diapers if swimming)
Sunscreen (Even if not swimming)
After Sun gel (I use Mary Kay)
Swimsuits (We wear ours there for convince)
Nursing Scarf (The one I use is on sale
Ice Chest
Pedialyte pops (good for when you are out in the sun)
Books and toys for the car and beach

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My name is Tiffany, I am the wife to Eric and mother to Aria. After giving up hope that I would ever be able to have children, my husband and I received the greatest Christmas present on December 22, 2015. I had Aria August 2016 and knew I was going to continue my full time career in fashion and retail management. Three months after having my daughter I finally came to terms that the tears I cried at night were not just new mom emotions but baby blues and postpartum depression. Embarrassed, I continued to hide my sadness until it broke me and I spoke out to my husband. Then my dream of being a career mom ended when my company closed its doors after 26 years of business. I decided to decline the incoming job offers, raise my daughter and help parents live a more positive less stressed out lifestyle by showcasing my ups and downs of parenthood on YouTube.

I want to help give back to the moms, and dad’s alike, who are struggling with parenting. It doesn’t matter if you are a first time parent or have 5 kids. Parenting is never easy and I am here to help you live a more positive less stressed out lifestyle. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and notification bell so you don’t miss any Stress free stay at home mom routines, real day in the life with a toddler Vlogs, and TTC Updates!

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