Eunoia Live Webinar 04 – Parenting With Poise: Re-envisioning Supportive Parenting

Parenting with Poise: Re-envisioning Supportive Parenting

Date: 23rd April 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 3pm – 4pm
Speaker: Chin Xiuli (Clinical Psychologist, Eunoia)
Host cum Moderator: Evelyn Chue (Managing Director, Eunoia)

In recent times, most of us had to deal with the evolving landscape of work, specifically needing to work from home. Parents globally are starting to feel the sting most as they struggle to keep their jobs and placate their little ones. In our live webinar, the speaker will share
practical strategies on child-rearing practices to ease the burden of parents. Additionally, tips such as healthy parent-child communication, positive disciple practices and stress-relief strategies will be explored.

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