Episode 9 B: "Healthy Breakups & Coping With Breakups" By: Pst/Cnslr Omari

Do you have strong shock absorbers to cope with a breakup?? Here is a presentation to help you avoid ending ur life when it ends

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Useful Resources/Reference:
1. Bruce F. & Robert A. (2005), When Your Relationship Ends. Impact Publishers
2. www.relationship.com.au/women_men and separation
3. Family and Marriage Playlist @ http://www.youtube.com/c/PstCnslrOmariNeiba?sub_confirmation=1
4. www.headspace.org.au National Youth Mental Health Foundation
5. http://lovesgame.com/the-secret-how-to-get-over-a-break-up/

This is not meant to be a manual neither is it purposing to encourage breakups but to create awareness of coping mechanism and hence need to seek further professional counseling for your balanced coping skills. Equally to married the stand of presentor is save your marriage totally against separation and divorce however buys Biblical perspective.

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