Episode 3: Children and Trauma

Last week I received that question, “how do you not transmit the trauma to the next generation”? I felt like this question went perfect with what is currently going on in our social climate. In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of social justice changes. With this, our children will be affected by seeing it themselves, but also from experiencing it through our eyes. To better understand the effects of trauma and transferring trauma, I reached out to Thomas Gagliano, MSW to help discuss what we can do for the future generation.

Thomas Gagliano holds an M.A. in Social Work and a B.A. in Business. He has a background in business and has used that knowledge to create a therapy practice that focuses on family dynamic issues. He specializes in working with parents relating to childhood messages and how one’s experience shapes their world view. He discusses challenging issues from his vast professional background while interweaving his own experiences to crystallize concepts. He is a sought-after expert and speaker and has appeared on many television and radio shows including: The Jenny McCarthy Show, Dr. Oz, T.D. Jakes and Sirius XM radio. He also hosts weekly Instagram shows, @theproblemwasme, and has produced several educational podcasts that can be found on iTunes. Mr. Gagliano is the bestselling author of “The Problem Was Me” with Dr. Abraham Twerski. He has provided trainings at many universities and community-based organizations regarding parenting and family dynamic problems. When he is not training, speaking or writing, he provides family-focused individual and couple’s therapy. In all of his professional endeavors, his focus is to give back what he has learned to assist others in finding balance and create a healthier self.

Thomas Gagliano and I will both be at the SCRIPT Conference this year and he will be discussing more about trauma within childhood. SCRIPT will be held via #zoommeeting on August 3rd and 4th.
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