Ep #88: Dealing with frustrating situations: Part 1


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When dealing with frustrating situations where our kids misbehave, it can be easy to become emotionally engaged and default to yelling, annoyance, or anger. When we respond that way, it only makes the situation worse and often creates additional problems.
Wouldn’t you like something that would keep you from becoming engaged in that way? What if we told you a simple skill could help? 
The skill of Observe and Describe is something that you can do today. Instead of engaging in your child’s negative behavior, you observe what is happening and calmly state what you see without judgment. For example, if your child is rolling their eyes and making faces at you, you would say, “You are rolling your eyes and making faces at me.” When you state just the facts, it allows your child to understand what they are doing. It also keeps you from getting emotional.
Remaining calm allows you to lead the dance instead of reacting to the situation. How powerful is that? Powerful. By changing how we respond to situations, we change the outcome and improve our relationships. 
We teach our kids that there is a better way to respond that doesn’t have to be driven by emotions.
Observe and Describe can be used on everybody we have interactions with. 
You can find the skill on the Smarter Parenting website. https://www.smarterparenting.com/skills/observe-and-describe/
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