Over the past few months we’ve explored the topics of the Enneagram and Stress and Enneagram and Parenting. My hope is that this content is helpful, encouraging, and brings you hope in these uncertain times. Now, I’m excited to bring you this next series called Enneagram and Team Building.

Whether you’re working remotely from home, engaging with a group of friends, or operating as a family unit, each of us belongs to a team. When we understand the inner workings of each team member, based on their different personality styles, it changes the dynamics of our working relationships and teaches us to work better together.

In my experience as an Enneagram teacher and corporate consultant, the knowledge and application of the Enneagram can dramatically lessen personality problems and build stronger healthier teams. The most common question that I get from team leaders and members is, “What will integrating the Enneagram do for my team at work and in my other day-to-day relationships?”

In this series, we’ll answer that question for each type. Let’s begin with the Peacemakers!

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